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The world's independent channel manager technology for the golf industry

Connecting direct sales online for golf courses and

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So What is ZEST.GOLF?

Before Zest...

Checking availability and making bookings required phone calls and sending emails manually between sales channels and individual golf courses,

for almost every reservation.

Zest.Golf problem


Our Channel Manager technology replicates what has been done for decades by the hospitality and travel industries, simply and online.

Zest.Golf solution

Real-time availability, bookings and confirmation

One online interface connecting all golf courses, tee sheets and sales channels

Search and book multiple courses, dates and players at the same time

Single purchase for checkout with multiple bookings in one transaction

Bookings confirmed automatically in golf course tee time software


Turning complexity into simplicity

Independent B2B
Channel Manager

A neutral online portal where sales channels book business directly with golf courses in real time. 


Not owned or operated by a tee sheet provider, and B2B only, Zest ensures open sales opportunities without any conflicts of interest.


Zest is integrated with most international golf tee time reservation platforms, meaning connectivity is done for you, simply sign up to start. 


No hardware or software installation is required and our API ensures your data always remains yours.

Payment Solution

A seamless and secure payment distribution, processed by Stripe, which automatically collects funds and delivers them to the recipient under pre-set conditions, without being handled by Zest.

Fast and secure payment with peace of mind.

with IAGTO

Zest has earned the trust of the global tourism organisation representing 2,000+ golf courses and tour operators.


Its members are automatically connected in Zest for unparalleled efficiency and sales opportunities in their 90+ countries of operation.

We are trusted by

230+ Golf Courses Worldwide

Our network

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Saarema Golf | Zest.Golf
Tui | Zest.Golf
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IAGTO Business Partner | Zest.Golf
Global Golf 4 Cancer | Zest.Golf
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