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Zest.Golf Partner with GCMA to Boost Club Reach

Zest.Golf Partner with GCMA to Boost Club Reach

Zest.Golf Technologies, an ambitious new tech company with designs on transforming the tee-time industry, has today struck a partnership deal with the Golf Club Managers’ Association (GCMA).

The one-year agreement sees Zest.Golf, who have offices in Scotland and the Netherlands, become an official supplier to the GCMA as they seek to increase their reach among clubs across the UK.

Zest.Golf has recently launched an exciting Channel Manager that provides a 100% open connection between golf courses, tee-sheet providers and distribution partner platforms.

Zest.Golf are now part of the GCMA’s ‘Partner Network’ created to connect industry suppliers with the association’s 1,700 members – a community of key decision makers in golf clubs around the UK and overseas.

The network is designed to not only ensure GCMA members are kept up to date with the latest products and technologies, but also to share knowledge and expertise between members and partners, as well as to support the delivery of the association’s benefits and services.

Mike Hyde, GCMA Communications Manager, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Zest.Golf as a GCMA Official Supplier. Their Channel Manager technology could be genuinely transformative for the industry, and we are excited about connecting Zest.Golf with as many golf club managers as possible.

“The Zest.Golf team offer a fascinating vision of the future of tee-time sales, and I hope GCMA members will embrace their ideas.”

Zest.Golf’s channel manager connection is independent and without conflict, meaning courses can maximise their online revenue without losing control – they simply choose which distribution channels can sell their tee-times and set the price and availability with each separately.

Zest.Golf is working closely with tee-sheet providers and distribution partners to encourage them to maximise the opportunity that exists with their new technology.

There are no upfront costs or complex contracts, just a fixed €1 fee per player booked when the connection is used to make a booking.

Oliver Dury, Commercial Director at Zest.Golf, pictured, added: “We’re delighted to have partnered with the Golf Club Managers’ Association. The GCMA has a great network of 1,700 golf club managers across Great Britain and Ireland and we look forward to communicating with clubs about the benefits of our technology.

“We believe the Zest.Golf Channel Manager can transform the industry, as it provides golf courses with the opportunity to connect with multiple tee time sales channels and maintain complete control over the availability and price of tee-times sold online.

“We’re very excited to be launching our Zest.Golf products and working together with the GCMA going forward.”

The channel manager will be launching in early 2019 and golf courses can pre-register now at www.zest.golf

Early registration provides courses with the opportunity to connect to distribution channels and start selling tee-times as soon as the platform goes live.

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