“The Revenue Club is delighted to be working with Zest.Golf Technologies as we have a shared aim to help golf course operators achieve a greater degree of flexibility in the management and sale of their tee times inventory online. The Revenue Club and Zest share the same vision of openness, connectivity and high quality technology which works in the best interest of the golf course operator.”

Duncan Rougvie


“Chronogolf is very excited to have an innovative new partner in Zest Golf. We believe the combination of their distribution channels and our cloud-based golf course management software suite will allow us to connect more golf courses with golfers throughout the European market.”


Matt Welliver

Vice President of Corporate Development

“There’s some debate with software system providers about the benefits of this but what they don’t seem to be grasping is that Zest seems to me to be providing a means of massively improving the effectiveness and efficiency of managing a club’s tee sheet. The software system providers should not underestimate the importance and attractiveness this holds.”

Simon Collingwood

General Manager

Newark Golf Club

“For us it was natural and a real no-brainer to be a part of the Zest channel manager as an integrated distribution partner of tee times in their platform. This connection enables us to reach both new markets and golf clubs through our model and platform. It also allows for the streamlining and optimization of existing sales funnels even further.”

Marcus Ekeberg

CEO & Co-founder

“We’re delighted to welcome Zest.Golf as a GCMA Official Supplier. Their Channel Manager technology could be genuinely transformative for the industry, and we are excited about connecting Zest.Golf with as many golf club managers as possible. The Zest.Golf team offer a fascinating vision of the future of tee-time sales, and I hope GCMA members will embrace their ideas.”

Mike Hyde

Communications Manager

“The decision to partner with Zest.Golf was simple, as their leading golf technology solutions fit perfectly with our vision of delivering first class solutions that meet the changing needs and requirements of the golf industry.”

Dylan Weggeman

Managing Director

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